Thursday, 27 February 2014

Asteroid Lander Update #1 - New Sexy HUD!

It was time we updated the old, ugly heads up display. Now in sweet opaque green! (Inspired from a car dashboard display)

With the new HUD we wanted to make it as compact as possible while still displaying all the information from before. We fused the HUD elements into three panels that slide neatly in and out of view. Most importantly, the clock is now below the dialog box and they move as one piece, letting the player see more of the game world.

Also the astronaut's oxygen meter is now a slick circle thingie.

HUD when open

HUD when closed

Old HUD look for comparison

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Asteroid Lander gameplay video and screen captures

First major footage of the first world. The level here is relatively challenging but is made easier here with only one bombslot =P

A bold approach
The approach backfires
Running for the hills
Long jump
Goal in sight
Years of experience put to work
Strange encounters
Sticky situation

Concept art



Sketch of title screen

Actual title screen

Sketch of menu screen

Actual menu screen

Hideous lizard men

Our hero in action

The mother ship and Transportation Retrieval And Co-operation persuation vehicle aka T.R.A.C

Various characters

Re-entry debris planning

Planning the tutorial


We are team Hammerspace and this is our developer blog.

Our first "for real" game project has started. It is a single player game for mobile devices.
In the game the fate of the world is threatened by asteroids hurling towards Earth.
Your mission is to land on the asteroid, find a weak spot and plant the bomb. Then you must escape and detonate the rock from the sky.
However, the asteroid is teeming with bloodthirsty evil monsters, whose unfortunate fate is to stand between you and your goal.
Levels are circular, procedurally generated and possessing real physics.
And there will be much much more.

Welcome to our blog.

Team Hammerspace

Some examples from our training projects during our Game and Software Development Course held by Opiframe