Monday, 27 October 2014

Atomic Super Lander Update #6 - Creature report: Space crabs!

Our crack team of googlers have found a big one! It seems to be a government report of a live alien D=


Report on EBE #1 (aka Snappy the space crab)


The creature seems to be somekind of wild animal, a scavenger if you will. The crab is roughly the size of a Volkswagen Beetle, sporting two massive claws and spiky feet, allowing it to crawl on walls and ceilings. Reports confirm a firm punch will dislocate them from any surface.

Passive in nature, it doesn't recognize humans and simply walks in a single direction, in what seems to be a ritualistic route. The purpose of this march is probably to eventually catch some kind of ugly alien meal.

They don't seem to be too intelligent and react on instinct instead. Many an attempted handshake at the early days of this research failed messily. Our reports confirm it is wise to stay out of their way, as they seem to have lightning fast reflexes and a reducing effect on the limbs of our brave astronauts.

A cutting edge moving photograph of the creature
Secret Bunker Street Nein, 27 October 30XX
Prof. Horst Wunderbaum

Monday, 13 October 2014

Atomic Super Lander Update #5 - Demo Release!

Grab your nukes and put up your fists! It's time to punch aliens and save the planet from asteroids!

Finally, after a full year, the first public demo of Atomic Super Lander, version, is in the bag!

You can download the demo from IndieDB here:

  • The demo is currently available ONLY for desktop platforms. Win & Mac. (mobile releases will follow eventually)
  • It includes TEN levels with increasing difficulty.
  • The levels are fully randomized, so no playthrough is exactly the same.
  • Super nifty support for XBox360 controllers!

...actually, we've yet to finish a proper TUTORIAL... so in the absence of that, here's a dare:
Can YOU make it through the demo? Hehheh.

  • Can YOU master the WEIRDNESS of ORBITAL spaceflight?
  • Can YOU fight back the alien hordes?
  • Can YOU tolerate the smack talk of Libertica's President?

We'd love to hear what you think about the game! Love it? Hate it? Let us know.
Tell us your experiences and funny happenings!

(And pssst, don't forget to tell your friends too, teehee)

 photo Astronautpresidentbanner.png

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Asteroid Lander Update #4 - New Name!

Our game has a new name:

Atomic Super Lander

We have been hard at work with our little game and soon you get to try it.
A demo will be available for the public very shortly.

In other news, alpha testing is going great. Thanks to our small test team, we have been able to iron out bugs and improve features. More content will go in to testing in the following weeks.

Look for more announcements coming soon!