Monday, 3 August 2015

Atomic Super Lander Update #11 - Flight Training Site Report

"Dear Prof. Wunderbaum

In our effort  to find a suitable flight training site, we came across some old documents describing an old secret black site located on satellite A1, a big mass of junk launched into space. It was supposed to be used for filming some cheap staged moon landing footage, but when moon landing become ‘so last month’, the site was abandoned.

Later, a low quality bootleg copy of footage shot at the location was leaked to the public. Some conspiracy theorists claim this to be real landing footage, but everyone knows that the moon has been off limits since the fifties, when HammerCorp bought it and it's mining rights. Included in the documents were images of some objects at the filming site. I've included them in this report for possible danger analysis. A1's gravity seems perfect for flight training."

George Wingnut, Project Manager. General Aerospace (HammerCorp subsidiary)

A director’s chair.

A fake styrofoam lander.
An old Weller & Weller space-type film camera.
Libertica flag fluttering beautifully in the solarwind
A hotdog stand (Note: dogs propably well preserved in vacuum & preservatives)
A makeup table.

An old Weller & Weller space-type spotlight.

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