Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Pocket Gamer Connects Conference Aftermath!

This monday our team went to promote Atomic Super Lander in the Pocket Gamer Connects, Helsinki. Big thanks to IGDA-Turku for making this possible.

Pocket Gamer Connects is a global mobile games conference held previously in San Francisco. The conference offers something for both big corporations and indies alike. In our case indies can make new contacts, pitch their ideas and join lectures by industry experts. The place was packed full and it was great to see so many devs under the same roof conversing and showing their products. More stuff like this please. E3 to Finland next? o3o

The event went great on our part when you consider we had only the preceding friday to prepare for it, and it was the first time we ever had a booth to begin with. We shared the booth with Poppaa Entertainment who are a great company, and were cool about the little space we shared. They were promoting Battle Buzz, a mobile fly swatting game taken to an extreme and fun stylized direction. On our side of the booth, interested people could watch or try out Atomic Super Lander with either an oldschool SNES controller or on a mobile phone. The big display clearly caught some amused looks, which was perfect! The only thing missing was a banner... maybe next time?

The event main lobby

Our little IGDA corner

Samsung VR-Headgear. Amazing piece of tech!


  1. Yeah dear I know that Pocket Gamer Connects is a global mobile games conference that has been annually held at San Francisco venues. I have attended this conference various times. It is always very informative but I couldn’t attend 2015 meeting. Thanks for sharing the meeting minutes here.

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