Monday, 26 October 2015

Atomic Super Lander Update #15 - A Brief Look-See!

Hello! This is a little update on the current state of Atomic Super Lander, and where our development's going. Our longer, featured blog posts are sometimes a little behind on current things.

There's still some placeholder graphics stuff left that we're working on finalizing. We wanna try and make the game look as beautiful and eye smothering as possible before release. At this moment, two fully animated enemy characters and some cutscenes are on the drawing board.

This phase will be shortly followed by tweaks to the level generation and some gameplay mechanics. Our best code mechanics will be sent to the oil pit to crank the most out of our space ships, to give you the absolute finest vehicles possible.

On the works is also the game's dialogue. The dialogue is meant to convey some extra instructions and light humour (like politics!) without interrupting the player. We've already made some ground work by writing descriptions of the game world and it's characters. This should help with starting the script.

We thank everyone who've been following our blog, and the development of the game so far! See you in the next update! In the meanwhile, have a look-see at these new products!

Click to see a larger version!
Completion of an in-game achievement system is nearing completion. What!? Achievements? Unheard of!

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